International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education Abstracts

Volume 8:3, 1999

(Those articles referring to Higher Education are linked to the full abstract).


What Does the Word 'Intemational' in International Geographical and Environmental Education really mean?
John Lidstone & Rod Gerber

Major Papers:

Assessing Progression in Primary Children's Map Drawing Skills
Doug Harwood and Margaret Usher

Freedom to Learn: A Study of the Experiences of Secondary School Teachers and Students in a Geography Field Trip
Kwok Chan Lai

The Effect of Student Freedom of Choice in Learning Map Skills
Joop van der Schee and Henk van Dijk


Geographical Education in England and Wales: The State of Play at the End of the Millennium
Bill Marsden

Geography in England 1988-98: Costs and Benefits of National Curriculum Change
Eleanor Rawling

Geography in the Schools of Wales
Sian Jones and Richard Daugherty

Geography in Primary Education in England
Simon Catling

Geography in Secondary Education in England
Ashley Kent

The 1996 Geographical Association Land Use-UK Survey: A 'Geographical Commitment'
Rex Walford

Notes on Geography Education at Higher Degree Level in the United Kingdom
Frances Slater

Research in Geographical Education
Michael Williams

Book Reviews:

Geography in the Secondary School
Geographic Literacy through Children's Literature
Learning from the Land
Teaching Language and Literacy in the Early Years Annual Index 1999

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