International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education Abstracts

Volume 9:1, 2000

(Those articles referring to Higher Education are linked to the full abstract).


Major Papers:

European Union: The Portuguese Geography Curricula in Check
SÚrgio Claudino

Geography Education Research in the Journal of Geography 1988-1997
Sarah Bednarz

Enhancing Literacy through Geography in Upper Primary Classrooms
Sue Lyle


Geography's Changing Image and Status - Some International Perspectives
Ashley Kent

Promotion of Geography in Australia: An Unfinished Story
Geoff Conolly

Image and Reality: A Perspective from South Africa
Mike J. Smit

Image in the United States of America
Alexander B. Murphy

Position and Image of Geography in the Netherlands
Katie Oost & A. G. Kanneworff

Image of School Geography in Nigeria: Past, Present and Future
Julie Okpala

How the Argentinians see Geography
Josefina Ostuni

Book Reviews

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