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The abstracts appearing on this webpage have been selected from the journal International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education. They consist of those abstracts which refer to geography in higher education.

Table of Abstracts (most recent first)
Author(s) Year Title Volume Pages
┼hlberg, M. & Ahoranta, V. 2002 Two Improved Educational Theory Based Tools to Monitor and Promote Quality of Geographical Education and Learning 11:2 119-137
Morgan, J. 2002 'Teaching Geography for a Better World'? The Postmodern Challenge and Geography Education 11:1 15-29
Pun-Cheng, L.S.C. 2001 Knowing our Customers:A Quantitative Analysis of Geomatics Students 10:3 322-341
Bednarz, S. 2000 Geographical Education Research in the Journal of Geography 1988-1997 9:2 128-140
Fien, J. 1999 Towards a Map of Commitment:A Socially Critical Approach to Geographical Education 8:2 140-158.
Geok-Chin,T.,Kim-Eng Lee, C. & Chuan, G.K. 1998 A Survey of Environmental Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour of Students in Singapore 7:3 181-202
Boyd, W.E., Cullen, M., Bass, D., Pittman, J. & Regan, J. 1998 A Response to Apparently Low Levels of Numeracy and Literacy Amongst First Year University Environmental Science Students:A Numeracy and Literacy Skills Survey 7:2 106-121
Corney, G. 1998 Learning to Teach Environmental Issues 7:2 90-105
Houtsonen, L. 1997 Environmental Education and Research in the Nordic and Baltic Countries from a Geography Teaching Perspective 6:2 148-152
Dove, J. 1997 Student Preferences in the Depiction of the Water Cycle and Selected Landforms 6:1 135-147
Delaney, E. & Hay, I. 1997 Worlds in Our Words:Geography as a Second Language 6:1 124-134
Gregg, M., Stainton, C. & Leinhardt, G. 1997 Strategies for Geographic Memory:Oh, Whata State We're In! 6:1 41-59
Kaminske, V. 1997 Geographical Concepts:Their Complexity and Their Grading 6:1 4-26
Chi-kin Lee, J. 1996 A Study of Environmental Attitudes and Concepts of Geography Student-teachers:Implications for Teacher Education 5:3 154-171
Jennings, S.A. 1996 An Evaluation of the Influence of Travel on the Geographic Knowledge of College Students 5:1 45-54
Andrew, J., Jickling, B. & Robottom, I. 1996 Ethics, Education and Wildlife Issues 5:1 31-44
Verhetsel, A. 1994 The world in our heads:An experimental tuition programme focusing onstudents' ability to represent and structure spatially 3:2 45-55
Robertson, M.E. 1994 The influence of place on adolescents' responses to environmental stimuli 3:2 3-21
van Dijk, H, van der Schee, J, Trimp, H & van der Zipp, T. 1994 Map skills and Geographical Knowledge 3:1 68-80
Jones, A.I. 1994 Structuralism revisited:an examination of the continuing influence of structuralism on research and education in human geography 3:1 45-67
Purnell, K.M. & Solman, R. 1993 The application of cognitive load theory to improve the learning of spatial information 2:2 80-91
Thomas, P. 1993 Geopedagogy as battleground the contribution of textbook sanitisation to the Russification and cultural genocide of Ukrain 2:2 24-51
Powell, J. 1993 Down, Under? Australian Geography and the New Managerialist Dynamic. 2:2 5-23
Ballantyne, R., Lidstone, J & Packer, J. 1993 A critically reflective pre-service geography teacher education course:attitude and practice changes among graduates 2:1 41-50
Taylor, N. & Macpherson, C. 1993 Environmental education in Fiji 2:1 3-10
Gerber, R., Lidstone, J. & Nason, R. 1992 Modelling Expertise in Map Reading:Beginnings 1:1 31-43
Stoltman, J.P. 1992 Major Papers Designing a Geography Syllabus:Researching the Process 1:1 3-13

The GDN would like to thank International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education for allowing us to reproduce abstracts from the journal.

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