Journal of Geography in Higher Education - 2004 Index

Volume 28 - Number 1 - 2004
Title and Author(s) Page(s)
Editorial I 3-8
Editorial II 9-15
Undergraduate geographers' understandings of geography, learning and teaching: a phenomenographic study
Bradbeer, J., Healey, M.J. & Kneale, P.
The challenges of 'teaching by being': the case of participatory resource management
Buchy, M.
Producing websites for assessment: a case study from a level 1 fieldwork module
France, D. & and Ribchester, C.
Comparison of student perception and performance in individual and group assessments in practical classes
Knight, J.
The representation of women in academic Geography: contexts, climate and curricula
Monk, J., Fortuijn, J.D. & Raleigh, C.
Mapping race and gender in the academy: the experiences of women of colour faculty and graduate students in Britain, the US and Canada
Mahtani, M.
Female representation in the higher education of geography in Hungary
Timár, J. & Jelenszkyné, I.
Gender representation in academic geography in Catalonia (Spain): towards a masculinization of the discipline?
Garcia-Ramon, M.D., & Pujol, H.
Gender representation in geography: Singapore
S. A. Yeoh, B., Huang, S. & Wong, T.
Gender representation and participation in Dutch human geography departments
Fortuijn, J.D.
Online methods in geography educational research
Madge, C. & and O'Connor, H.
Describing numerical data in words
Bradbeer, J.
Volume 28 - Number 2 - 2004
Title and Author(s) Page(s)
Editorial 163-166
"It's not all about grades": accounting for gendered degree results in geography at Brunel University
Smith, F.
Transborder tourism, borderless classroom: reflections on a Hawaii-Singapore experience
Chang, C.
Midnight at the IDL: student confusion and textbook error
Uhlik, K.S.
Mathophobic students' perspectives on quantitative material in the undergraduate geography curriculum
Folkard, A.M.
Learning and teaching online with the UK census
See, L., Gould, M.I., Carter, J., Durham, H., Brown, M., Russell, L. & Wathan, J.
JGHE Biennial award for promoting excellence in teaching and learning 2003 247-249
Reflections on 'fieldwork and disabled students: discourses of exclusion and inclusion
Hall, T., Healey, M.J. & Harrison, M.E.
Fieldwork and disabled students: discourses of exclusion and inclusion
Hall, T., Healey, M.J. & Harrison, M.E.
Geography and representation: introduction
Gilmartin, M.
Teaching about political violence: a primer on representation
Gallaher, C.
Teaching transnationalism in the Caribbean: toward an understanding of representation and neo-colonialism in human geography
Mains, S.P.
Scaling health and healthcare: re-presenting Thailand's HIV/AIDS epidemic with world regional geography students
Del Casino Jr, V.J.
Research design and methods of data collection and analysis: researching students' conceptions in a multiple-method case study
Hopwood, N.
Volume 28 - Number 3 - 2004
Title and Author(s) Page(s)
Editorial 363 - 368
Preparing Geography, Earth and Environmental Science (GEES) Students for Employment in the Enterprise Culture
Maguire, S. & Guyer, C.
369 - 379
Students' Undergraduate Expectations and Post-graduation Experiences of the Value of a Degree
Gedye, S., Fender, E. & Chalkley, B.
381 - 396
Walking as an Aesthetic Practice and a Critical Tool: Some Psychogeographic Experiments
Bassett, K.
397 - 410
Learning Geography Bilingually
Desforges, L. & Jones, R.
411 - 424
Developing and Testing an Online Tool for Teaching GIS Concepts Applied to Spatial Decision-making
Carver, S., Evans. A. & Kingston, R.
425 - 438
Avoiding Plagiarism
Burkill, S. & Abbey, C.
439 - 446

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