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* Investigative field work: a new approach
* Role-play in fieldwork
* Vegetation studies for conservation: training project
* Introductory local field work with large classes
* Policy-related fieldwork for first year students
* A local field trail
* A fieldwork enquiry - planning issues in Tavistock: traffic and transport proposals
* Water quality problems in Leeds
* Collaboration among staff to produce a Web fieldcourse site
* Effective teaching in the field: IMAGE, the future for geological fieldwork?
* Fieldwork and the Open University
* Teaching large classes in the field
* A student's first encounter with geoscience fieldwork - making it an effective learning experience
* Group projects: an effective fieldwork teaching strategy
* Delivery and assessment of key skills in the Earth Sciences curriculum
* The expedition approach to independent fieldwork
* Effective team-working in a group project (Level 4 undergraduate)
* Unfamiliarity as a learning experience: a personal view from the Canary Islands

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