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"Group Work"

* Hazard mitigation practical: predicting a volcanic eruption
* Project work with small self-controlled groups
* Small group tutorials
* Investigative field work: a new approach
* Representation of the 'Third World'
* Video assessment of environmental management plans
* Developing student skills through supervised group projects
* Reading seminars
* First year student-centred learning through guided peer-group work
* Use of group work in a final-year course
* Introductory local field work with large classes
* 'Token Supervision - a method for improving the quality of undergraduate project supervision to increasing student numbers
* Students discussing and assessing the previous year's work
* Use of data in understanding the diurnal pattern of urban air pollution
* Tutorial groups and WWW conferencing
* Using group assignments to encourage active learning
* Environmental assessment: interdisciplinary teamwork project
* Cognitive site mapping: placing yourself in context
* Third year group projects
* Investigation into the theory and practice and marketing tourist places: case study of the Heart of England Tourist region
* A fieldwork enquiry - planning issues in Tavistock: traffic and transport proposals
* Group work skills and environmental case studies
* A novel technique to provide basic fieldwork skills to large numbers of first year undergraduates
* Problem-based learning and world regional geography
* Water quality problems in Leeds
* Experiments in soil erosion
* Projects on geographical issues
* Pollution prevention in business and industry: a Context case study
* The use of case studies: the teaching and the learning of economic theory
* Assessment issues: a case study from Roehampton Institute London
* Steetwork: an encounter with place
* Student-authored fieldtrails
* Group-based projects in metamorphism: case study
* Fieldwork and the Open University
* Mineral exploration and exploitation
* Detailed underground mapping in a mine - learning to think in three dimensions
* Geology and man exercise
* Teaching large classes in the field
* Environmental impact assessment
* MSci team project - guidelines for students working in teams
* Problem-based learning as a means to develop key skills in tutorials
* An exercise in problem-based learning
* Group projects: an effective fieldwork teaching strategy
* How to cope with large numbers at Level 3
* The expedition approach to independent fieldwork
* Effective team-working in a group project (Level 4 undergraduate)
* A basic skills course for geoscience Level 1
* Professional practice in geology - a teamwork course shadowing the minerals industry

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