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American Geographical Society The AGS was established in 1851 and is America's oldest professional geographical organisation. The mission of the Society is to link business, professional and scholarly worlds in the creation and application of geographical knowledge and techniques.
Association of American Geographers (AAG) The AAG is a non profit making society aimed at advancing professional studies in geography and encouraging the application of geographic research in education, government and business.
Australian Academy of Sciences National Committee for Geography The the National Committee of Geography advises the Council of the Australian Academy of Sciences on geography in Australia and provides liaison with international scientific bodies. The aim of the Committee is to:
  • liaise with appropriate national and international bodies and societies;
  • propose and encourage activities in Australia, either jointly with other bodies or separately;
  • ensure the maximum participation by Australian scientists in relevant activities of the international body (the International Geographical Union); and
  • keep the international body informed at appropriate times of Australian opinions and plans.
Canadian Association of Geographers The Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG) is the national organization representing practising geographers from public and private sectors and from universities.

The CAG is active on many fronts: from the dissemination of geographic research to the promotion of geographic education and cooperation with international organizations.
Canadian Council for Geographic Education The Canadian Council for Geographic Education (CCGE) was established in 1993, and is funded by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society.
ESSENCE The Environmental Sciences Strengthened in Europe by Networking, Conferences and Education (ESSENCE) is a Socrates Thematic Network. The focus of the group's work is to seek 'close cooperation between education institutes and economic partners both in the private and public sectors to create a well developed European framework for environmental teaching'. An international directory of geographers set up by a group of students from the University of Victoria. The site includes subwebs dealing with biogeography, urban geography and cultural geography.
Geographic Education National Implementation Project (GENIP) The Geographic Education National Implementation Project (GENIP) is a consortium of geographic associations committed to improving the status and quality of geography education in the United States.
AAG - Geography Education Speciality Group The AAG-Geography Education Speciality Group is aimed at promoting research, development and practice in the learning and teaching of geography. By focusing on the development of learners, teachers, curricula and programs, the AAG-Geography Education Speciality Group aims to examine and strengthen the role of geography in education.
Geographical Society of Ireland Founded in 1934, the GSI concentrates on promoting geographical studies in Ireland.
Institute of Australian Geographers (IAG) Founded in 1958, the IAG is a major association that represents geographers and promotes, supports and defends Australian geography.
International Geographical Union (IGU) The International Geographical Union is an international, non-governmental, non-profit scientific organization which aims to promote the study of geographical problems and to initiate and co-ordinate geographical research requiring international co-operation.
International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Education (IGU-CGE) The IGU-CGE is aimed at promoting and enhancing geographical education around the world, increasing it's status in schools and university education. In addition it is focused on developing an international research culture aimed at investigating and developing geographical education.
International Network for Learning and Teaching Geography in Higher Education

The aims of the INLT are:

  • To improve the quality of learning and teaching of geography in higher education internationally
  • To promote innovative, creative, and collaborative research as well as critical reflection on learning and teaching of geography
  • To facilitate the exchange of materials, ideas, and experiences about learning and teaching of geography and to stimulate international dialog
  • To create an inclusive international community aimed at raising the profile and status of learning and teaching of geography
National Centre for Geographic Information Analysis (NCGIA) The NCGIA is an independent research consortium consisting of 3 sites: University of California Santa Barbara, State University of New York at Buffalo and University of Maine. It's main commitment is to carrying out research in geographic information science and related technology.
National Council for Geographic Education (NCGE) The NCGE is aimed at improving the status and quality of teaching and learning of geography. In particular it focuses on promoting the importance and value of geographic education, enhancing preparation of geography educators, encouraging communication among geography teachers, encouraging and supporting research within the area of geographic education and develops curriculum, resource and learning materials.
Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS) A non-profit educational organization that aims to raise awareness of the significance of geography for all Canadians.

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