About the Author

Hugh Rollinson

Hugh Rollinson holds a personal chair in Geology and is a member of the Geography and Environmental Management Research Unit (GEMRU) at the University of Gloucestershire, where he has responsibility for projects relating to Mineral Resources and Geochemistry. Hugh also runs GEMRU's Geochemistry Laboratories which house the newly installed ICP spectrometer.

Hugh's long-term career interest is the early history of Planet Earth and much of his work has centred on the petrology and geochemistry of Archaean rocks. After graduating he was employed for nearly four years as a geologist with the geological survey of Sierra Leone mapping Archaean greenstone belts and basement gneisses. This was followed by PhD studies at Leicester University on the geochemistry of the Lewisian Gneisses of Scotland. A two-year post-doc at Leeds took Hugh back to West Africa and provided the chance to follow up geochemically work started in his Survey days. A teaching position at Cheltenham followed, broken by a spell (1990-1993) when he was appointed associate Professor of Geology at the University of Zimbabwe and subsequently chairman of the Department. More recently Hugh has been working in west Greenland in the Isua Greenstone Belt on the metamorphic petrology of 3.8 Ga sediments and volcanic rocks. Along with research interests in the Archaean he also has research interests in mineralisation, mathematical geology and geological pedagogy.