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Aims of the Project

To identify and disseminate good practice in the teaching, learning and assessment of Geography at undergraduate and taught postgraduate levels in higher education institutions in England and Northern Ireland. The project will address some of the areas for improvement identified in the Geography Quality Assessment Overview report.

Project Team

Consists of a group of Geography specialists and educational developers from nine old and new universities and colleges (see list below). The members of the team have extensive successful experience of running and contributing to national educational projects and many have worked together over several years. The team has decided to retain the name Geography Discipline Network (GDN) for the project, which was the name given to the DfEE funded project in which many members were involved. The base for the GDN will now move from Nene College to Cheltenham and Gloucester College of Higher Education.

Lead Site

Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education Professor Mick Healey Project Director
Dr Phil Gravestock Project Officer
Heidi Meehan Assistant Project Officer
Dr Jacky Birnie Geographer
Kristine Mason O'Connor Educational Developer


Lancaster University Dr Gordon Clark Geographer
Terry Wareham Educational Developer
Middlesex University Ifan Shepherd Geographer
Professor Peter Newby Educational Developer
Nene - University College Northampton Professor Hugh Matthews
Dr Ian Livingstone
Andrew Castley Educational Developer
Oxford Brookes University Dr Judy Chance Geographer
Professor Alan Jenkins Educational Developer
Liverpool John Moores University Professor Vince Gardiner Geographer
Dr Vaneeta D'Andrea
Dr Shân Wareing
Educational Developers
University College London Dr Clive Agnew Geographer
Professor Lewis Elton Educational Developer
University of Manchester Professor Michael Bradford Geographer
Catherine O'Connell Educational Developer
University of Plymouth Professor Brian Chalkley Geographer
June Harwood Educational Developer


Professor Graham Gibbs (Open University) Educational Developer
Professor Susan Hanson (Clark University, USA) Geographer
Dr Iain Hay (Flinders University, Australia) Geographer
Geoff Robinson (CTI Geography, Geology & Meteorology, Leicester) Geographer
Professor David Unwin (Birkbeck) Geographer
Dr John Wakeford (Lancaster) Educational Developer


Ten guides will be produced covering a range of methods of delivering and assessing teaching and learning. Each guide will contain an overview of good practice for the particular application, case studies including contact names and addresses, and a bibliography. Each will be produced by one of the institutional teams consisting of a geography specialist(s) and educational developer(s): These have been distributed through a national conference (17-18 September) and through an ongoing series of department-based workshops. The guides and workshops will be available at no charge to providers of geography in HE institutions in England and Northern Ireland.

Funding and Timetable

The Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning (FDTL) has awarded the project £250,000 from 1 October 1996 to 30 June 1999. The team will continue to identify examples of good practice and offer full cost workshops after HEFCE funding has ceased.


Information on FDTL and other projects can be found via the FDTL National Co-ordination Team Web site

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